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Humpry Head (KS2)
Aim: Exploration of a Coastal Environment
Humphrey Head is a a limestone peninsula that stretches out into Morecambe Bay. This day can be tailored to a range of curriculum topics with the added spice of a little rock scrambling adventure (covered by our AALA licence).
 It is a magical place where Peregrines call overhead and children hear tales of 'the last wolf in England' before scrambling along the rocks past a small cave where we can imagine what it was like in Stone Age times when wandering groups of people relied on gathering seaweed and shell fish to survive. There is visible evidence of tidal zones,fossils, erosion and succession. This is an unusual Cumbrian limestone coastal habitat now a nature reserve for it's rare flora and fauna.
What we can offer: A fun environmental day out to look at what the group have studied in the classroom. There is a low level traverse along the bottom of the Limestone Cliffs which offers a great opportunity for pupils to get a taste for rock climbing, develop their own safety awareness and learn to share their own skills by helping each other along the journey. We return along the cliff tops passing over the trig point where there are great panoramic views over the Lake District Mountains and Morecombe bay – including the estuary, power station and wind farms which demonstrate how we can use the coastline effectively in our local area.
Part way along the traverse is a small cave which is a great model for how water can wear away weaknesses in rock. The limestone in this area is approximately 325million years old, and there are fossils visible in the rock.Depending on the time of year pupils may see Peregrine Falcons, Ravens, Curlew, Snipe or Waders.The sea cliff traverse will take a couple of hours to complete. Afterwards we can run Team Challenges on the beach. These can include a quiz based on the local area, environmental art or a scavenger hunt related to their studies.



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